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Practical Web Solutions - initially Practi-Webs - was launched shortly after the design and launch of our first, very basic website in around 2002. We found that there was a need for our company to provide web design and eventually development services that would accommodate new and growing companies and service offering individuals by being affordable, yet effective and practical.

We have, since then, developed into a stable web development company, now providing easy to use websites, content management systems, e-commerce solutions and affordable hosting solutions for customers from all walks of life. In addition to the web development and design, we also offer online marketing assisance and management including Google Adwords, content creation, and management and creation of social media profiles.

We strive to make your web presence sensible, without spending outrageous amounts of money, and accommodate clients that need to start with the basic needs met, where the budget may be limited, and grow your presence as your company grows; without the need to 're-spend' capital to have your website upgraded or its functionality expanded. In short - we use a bottom-up approach to most projects.

Key Points

  • Practical Web Solutions is a privately run company based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Practical Web Solutions' customers are spread around the world with the majority being in South Africa and from other countries on the African continent
  • We pride ourselves in keeping transparent relationships with our customers, providing quality support and after-sales service to all clients
  • We aim to provide high quality web hosting, web development & design solutions and support, keeping our customers as satisfied and happy as possible, while keeping costs below average in most cases
  • We endeavour to constantly perfect all our services according to the needs of our clients, web and internet trends and requirements - as we realise the 'ever-changing' nature of the internet industry
  • To constantly improve in all aspects of our trade in order to be able to offer our clients up-to-date, competitive services and solutions
  • To continue to operate a profitable web agency while continuing to offer services and solutions that are as affordable as possible

Please contact us to find out how we can make your web presence a practical and effective one.

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Our Mission

Professional, Transparent Service

We find no need to hide detail from a client and are honest in our dealings

Personal Approach

All clients are dealt with individually and needs are assessed independently

Efficient Turn-around Times

We have no excessive lead time on projects

Our Philosophy

Professional Web Development & Design and online Marketing and Hosting Services - Raising Standards, without Compromising Price

Practical Web Solutions aims to add more value and generate greater profits for all businesses, personal and corporate entities by means of effective professional website development and design, optimisation of these online entities and their stable and effective establishment on the internet in all respects.

Pride is taken in the provision of ongoing support to all clients in a friendly, fast, transparent and efficient manner.