Google's Mobile Algorithm update - MOBILEGEDDON

Google's Mobile Algorithm update - MOBILEGEDDON

Mobile Update implications and perceived changes due to the new Google algorithm

2015 saw several major algorithm updates which have affected content development. The very first Google’s mobile friendly update , was introduced in April which was just a warning for the website users and developers in that "mobilegeddon" is coming and that the update was unique.

Google also emphasised that in the not too distant future, mobile usage of the internet or mobile browsing is going to dominate a considerable amount of search and online customer behavior. In the support of the above statement, it was also seen that with the launch of the mobile friendly update, Google marked that the mobile searches have already surpassed desktop.

In short, the mobile friendly update compelled the sites to either become mobile friendly or simply lose visibility to searches performed on a mobile device.

With the update, Google wanted sites developers to acknowledge and pay attention to what mobile users wanted to achieve online and whether their needs were being met.

For content marketing, SEO companies and web developers it would be best to start taking the following into account:

  • Responsive web design or at a minimum a mobile friendly page
  • Navigation and browsing functions which are easy for the customers to use with their fingers.
  • Ensure that your links within the page and within the navigation are not too close together, and that the font displays at a reasonable size for reading on mobile devices
  • All web contact forms should be just as easy, simple and efficient as possible to complete and submit from a mobile device as it is from a desktop or notebook computer

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