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We offer effective website design and development for South African Schools, creating engaging platforms for learners, parents and effective online communication between schools and parents.

Access to internet, mobile devices and social media is increasing, and we feel that schools should be portrayed positively, realistically, and professionally through their web sites.

More and more people are resorting to web searches and online interaction with schools, either by way of a web site or social media channel. It is for this reason that we feel that schools need to be present online, with active websites ready to engage with parents and provide an ever-increasing solution for instant gratification needs of a consumer.

Through working with schools we have a set structure for schools, which is customisable to each school, and will develop and design a school website for the learning institution. Keeping the website up to date is imperative, and although we design the school websites with a content management system for an administrator to manage content, we realise that this is increased workload for any member of staff. We therefore are available to maintain certain aspects of the website - though this would be on a pre-agreed rate depending on update frequency and content - and would be on call to make changes for the school.

Practical Web Solutions is committed to assisting the private and government schools of South Africa in any online endeavour, and because we are passionate about education to a large degree, would love to design and develop your schools website and assist with knowledge and maintenance of your social profiles.

Please download the brochure on this page for more information on what we offer for schools, but remember that we are available to customise a quotation based on other needs that may not be covered in the outline.

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