Working With Us


Practical Web Solutions has a few methods that are - broadly speaking - generally adhered to when designing, developing and hosting web sites, registering domains and in the all-round operation of our company.

The following are very general explanations and will most likely vary from client to client, as we do realise that not everyone is the same and, more importantly, each website has unique requirements.

When you are looking for website to be developed or designed, you can expect a process similar to the following. As all websites will differ in requirements, the process may differ slightly from client to client.

As with all our web site design and hosting services, we offer communication methods for this service by telephone and fax, but take preference to emailed communication between us and you, the client.

1. Your Specifications for your website
As a client, you, having decided that you need or want a website will have an idea of what you need or what they want from your website. This needs to be drafted and sent to, or discussed with, Practical Web Solutions. Please remember that we believe that you know your business and target market better than we do so we rely on you for information pertaining to the websites desired function or functions.

The specifications you give over do not need to be very technical at all (you might have examples of similar sites or particular functions of other sites) and at first all we really need is a general idea of your business or concern, and whether there are any specific functions, such as a blog, newsletter, etc..., required on the site and what you require the website to achieve for you, whether it be just that your company portfolio is online for reference or you need a multi-functional CMS, blog or e-commerce shopping cart developed.

2. Our Review
We will review your request and compile a proposal for the site, which will be a detailed description of all aspects that we envision covering in designing your website, and this proposal will include pricing information and a timeframe for the development. The pricing is flexible, terms wise, and the timeframe may be negotiated. We recognise our clients as individuals and will tailor the development or design proposal for your specific needs or situation.

3. The Proposal
Once the proposal is agreed upon by all parties that may be concerned, the design phase begins. We will draft a layout proposal image and send this to you, once we have received any deposit that may be delineated in the proposal, for approval and comment. Once the layout design is approved, then we will start integrating that layout into a web site and provide you with a link to your online preview of the site.

4. Site Content
Content for the site, provided by the client, will be analysed and potentially rewritten with SEO in mind, and optimised for the internet.. Same applies to photographs and images you provide for display on your site. We will then populate the site with the desired content.

5. Your Feedback
Feedback from you as the client is very important at all stages of development. All suggestions are taken under advisement and implemented, but, we will inform you accordingly, if there is anything you want to implement that may be detrimental to the website’s performance, and once informed, the final decision lies with you.

6. Finalisation
The site is finalised and deployed, submitted to the search engines, and taken live on your hosting account, whether you make use of Practical Web Solutions' hosting for your site or host the site elsewhere.

We usually operate on a default payment arrangement of a 50% initial deposit on acceptance of a proposal or quotation with the remaining balance due on deployment of your website.

NB: We do not insist that the site is hosted with us for design purposes and will never insist on a move to our hosting services, but its always nice to have a client host with us as well. If however, your current service provider has not the adequate framework for the sites requirements, then it’s usually a good idea to consider changing packages or moving your hosting and domain to us.

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Web hosting services are available to anyone and we have a range of payment options available for these services.

Signing Up for Hosting Automated Process:
This can be a completely automated process and you can sign up online by browsing to where you will select your domain name, hosting package, and add-ons you require and then completing all the information required for the account to be set up. This processis usually complete within 12 to 24 hours after we have confirmation of payment.

Manually Signing Up for Hosting
You may contact us, preferably via email, with your preferred domain name. A representative will liaise with you and all information entered into the system and the account created for you.


Both the manual and automated processes will grant you access to the live system where you can manage your account as necessary. The manual process, as it relies on human processing, may however, take an hour or two longer to process. cPanel access is granted to all hosting customers as this enables them to manage their hosting and email addresses with ease.

Support will be provided where requested, whether by phone or email, or by lodging a support ticket online. All web hosting accounts have a webmail interface for retrieval of email while on the move, and all mail servers have have imap support so that emails may be retrieved on your mobile device.

Contact us for any queries about our web hosting procedure or process or to sign up manually by consulting with a representative - or proceed to our web hosting portal to sign up automatically for hosting services, review our packages or check and register domain names.

Our web redesign or site analysis service is available to anyone that has a website in need of a revamp or update in any form.

The process begins with an analytical phase, whereby you supply us with the current we address as well as your comments and desired changes in brief. We will analyse the site, all-round as best we can, look into the changes you desire for your website, and then put forward a proposal to you, including comments on your changes, and incorporating any ideas and suggestions we may have that may improve your websites performance on any level. You are not obliged to take us up on our suggestions in any way, but they are simply included, where applicable, for your consideration.

The proposal or report will contain information on the current site, and the changes foreseen with potential impact on the site, as well as a timeframe and a proposed implementation plan and the pricing quote for Practical Web Solutions to make these changes. Analytical fees may sometimes be charged at our discretion for website improvements and web redesign proposals, but you will be informed accordingly before we begin. If you need a website analysed or re-designed, please contact us.

If you feel that you need more information or you are uncertain about whether we cover what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.